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For many corporate jobs, paperwork is still the order of the day. There are no apps that fit exactly. Programming takes time. Having it done is too expensive. The solution: NO CODE. Dr. Dieter Kramps, CEO of cobago GmbH, explains why this makes the digitization of your routine work fast, efficient and sustainable and how No Code works:

TRENDS: Hello Mr. Kramps, what is actually No Code?

No Code is a new method for creating your own apps yourself or having them created according to your wishes and then adapting them agilely at any time – without any programming. You or your service provider use a browser and a cloud service to click together the special functions of your app and save it under its own name. Important core functions are already prepared, for example data entry, photos, signatures and reports. On your PC, you then launch the app as a web app; on tablet or smartphone, a starter app is installed beforehand to run your app “piggyback”. All apps talk to a central server. Sounds complicated, but it’s really quite simple.

TRENDS: And why digitize work in the company via app at all?

The annoying paperwork is abolished. You save time and effort, the company works more economically. Duplication of work is avoided. Everything you and your team do for customers and internally is carried out with process accuracy, stored transparently and documented legibly. This facilitates cooperation and subsequent accounting. It helps to pass on the right facts to each other at the right time and to record work results. And with an app, this is much more modern, easier and faster.

TRENDS: How do you use a company app? Anyone can use a personal cell phone these days. 

With an individual company app, everyone in the team gets their personal schedule for the day. One click and you can see what needs to be done. One more click and the right app starts – matching the task. The user places checkmarks in interactive checklists, speaks notes into the microphone or types, adds photos. The app can calculate and check. Signatures by pen or finger ensure commitment. And at the touch of a button, the service voucher or invoice is ready to be sent and archived.

TRENDS: And how is the app created? 

It works like this: Start the browser, use the appropriate app template, add your own changes and additions, put the app online – and you’re done. This all works – similar to Excel, for example – easily and without programming. Your department (or we for you) creates the app just once. After that, the app can be changed and extended as often as you like and, depending on the license, can be used by as many users as you like. Different apps can be activated simultaneously on one server. We help with the initial design of an app and, if necessary, with interfaces for data exchange with CRM, ERP & Co. 

TRENDS: Which apps could that be, for example?

All apps that have to do with special services, with check ups, with offer generation and/or with sustainability. For example, in fleets, in the construction and housing industry, for inspection services, in facility management, for incoming and outgoing goods, for utilities and waste disposal companies, or for trades and assembly. 

TRENDS: Now the product is called MY SIXPAD. Why is that?

The first clickable app as an example can be created with MEIN SIXPAD in not much more than six minutes. But to ensure that the new digital process in the company works professionally, you should take time for a compact workshop. In six simple steps, the first version of the company app is ready for use. And with a little practice, you can agilely adapt the app to changing needs at any time.

TRENDS: How does MY SIXPAD help with sustainability?

The use of apps and mobile data transfer alone saves paper, reduces travel costs and thus conserves resources. Best practices move from the minds of employees to the software. They remain reproducible at all times, even in the event of personnel and organizational changes. And the highlight: With MEIN SIXPAD Apps, sustainability aspects can be seamlessly integrated into digital processes (e.g. supplier selection, procedures used, quality management). With regular check-ups, the implementation of sustainability is checked, target achievements quantified and strategies verified. Sustainability reports are generated at the push of a button.

TRENDS: Is it really that simple ? And what tools do I need?

A notebook with a modern browser is enough to create an app. MY SIXPAD is a service from the Open Telekom Cloud. So you need an internet connection, but your own server only if needed. And if the company wants to use the app on the go, tablet computers (Android, iPad) or large smartphones are optimal.

TRENDS: Can I also use SIXPAD for my team ?

MEIN SIXPAD is ideal as a single Workplace and in a team. With the MEIN SIXPAD app, activities are structured at the work level of the individual person, documented and stored in the personal cloud storage. In a team, work can be prepared centrally and then distributed to several people. Results are collected, reworked and quality assured. Apps can also exchange information; for example, one app provides a digital work ticket, while another app transfers the results to invoices.

TRENDS: Sounds great. Where can I get MY SIXPAD?

MEIN SIXPAD is available through Telekom Germany, cobago sales partners or directly from cobago. The cobago online store will open in spring 2021. For more information, please visit our website.