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Why the Corona crisis increases the chance of the paperless office. And how the TechBoost startup cobago is digitizing analog workflows..

Whether it’s servicing a machine tool or returning a leased vehicle, companies are often overwhelmed by digital implementation and still rely on paper and pen instead of smart forms of collaboration to handle projects and serve customers.

There is no trace of digital process management. As a result, even the simplest questions from customers or suppliers trigger hectic searches in documentation or time-consuming inquiries with colleagues, which bring work processes to a standstill, especially during the Corona pandemic.

Companies need to rethink because of this. This is where startups come in, with their digital solutions that make analog processes on paper obsolete.

Work more efficiently – no matter where

Personal assistants provide a digital remedy. They enable companies to standardize and digitally document person-based work. With cobagoSIX from the OpenTelekomCloud, the Dortmund-based start-up cobago offers the right app platform for service, inspection and sales. The solution transforms analog processes and forms into individual company apps with a modular system.

The entire process from order to scheduling, subcontracting, work instructions and work documentation to the delivery of PDFs and digital data thus functions from a single source – including photos, formulas, signatures and interactive dialogs.

A checklist with all the work steps involved, for example, facilitates the work of an inspection engineer. Thanks to SIX, he can add notes or photos to inspection reports via app and digitally sign the order after completion.

“With cobago SIX, our customers save time and money: workflows become faster, work processes more transparent. Structured notes, photos, signatures and document creation become easy, speedy and efficient as never before with SIX,” says Dieter Kramps, CEO of cobago.

Because cobago SIX functions as an online platform, all authorized employees can view the current processing status at any time and inform colleagues and customers about it. A process that is particularly helpful during prevailing contact restrictions.