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With cobago SIX on tablet or notebook, the structured order-centric dialog between company, employees and partners is handled in an orderly manner at all times. Through in-house apps, at the customer’s site, in the home office or in the company itself. With consistent processes independent of locations and individual persons. With SIX DESIGNER, SIXPAD and SIX PUBLIC, the current Spring Release brings attractive functions that are particularly suitable for structured collaboration with employees and partners outside the company campus.

3.3.2020: Update due to current occasion: #coronavirus
With cobago SIX on tablet or notebook, structured company processes can be handled in an orderly manner at any time, even in the home office. The continuity of important processes in the company remains secured. Business Apps are individually created in a few minutes, tasks are processed decentrally structured with these Business Apps as well as centrally coordinated and quality assured. Data exchange with leading IT systems takes place asynchronously via interfaces, if required. The flexibly scalable SIX platform from the Open Telekom Cloud is available securely and ready for operation in any company or home office in the shortest possible time. Internet is all that is needed.

1.3.2020: The cobago SIX Spring Release has arrived
Just in time for spring, cobago is now adding more exciting features to SIX: The SIX DESIGNER offers individual business apps at the push of a button for structured tasks with precise work instructions, checklists, text modules, formulas, mandatory and optional fields, photos and signatures. Apps are assembled in a few minutes in the browser and published to the company app store with one click. Each new task for an employee or partner is assigned the appropriate editing app, then the task and app link are distributed via mobile internet/intranet.

The SIXPAD presents tasks and apps on tablets, notebooks and smartphones. With the SIXPAD software on the employee’s device, the individual task is explained, completed and documented. Attached result files, pictures and signatures of employee and customer provide commitment. The export function, extended in the new release, automatically generates suitable approved documents (reports, delivery bills, invoices) as docx and pdf. 

Also new in the Spring Release are SIX PUBLIC for seamless data transfer from public websites, app chaining for simple data transfer from app to app, and the interface for data exchange (REST), which is also open for customers and partners.

SIXPAD works on Windows, Linux and Mac via browser and as a native app on iOS and Android. On Android also offline on tablets and notebooks. The cobago SIX Spring Release 2020 is available immediately to selected customers and will be available from March via Apple Appstore, Google Play and from the Open Telekom Cloud.