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Basic service standards and structures help to manage the analog chaos especially outside the IT area. Learn more about enterprise service fulfillment in the context of ITIL, with the Internet of Things and with artificial intelligence in this technical article and interview from “IT Director” magazine.

IT-DIRECTOR: Mr. Kramps, what do you mean by “Enterprise Service Fulfillment (ESF)”?
D. Kramps: When work is done “hands on” in the planning, organization and execution of service activities, i.e. by people with tools in their hands, a clipboard under their arm or a headset on their head, somewhat different processes take effect than with ITIL. For example, with TÜV inspectors, craftsmen, service providers on site or in the call center. A lot can be learned from ITIL. But: the rough order flow is simpler, whereas employee management, physical fulfillment on site, its documentation (photos, signatures, etc.), and reporting can be significantly more complex.

IT-DIRECTOR: In what ways are artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and bots currently changing IT service management in companies?
D. Kramps:Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are also helping ESF to digitize company knowledge and employee expertise. In the future, an ESF ecosystem can use upstream AI and ML to gradually learn which events and constellations have led to which order work. The work of dispatching will be simplified, and the work will be done faster.

IT-DIRECTOR: For some time now, automation in service management has been at the top of the priority list on both the provider and user side. Which common processes can best be automated in this regard?
D. Kramps: For inspections, maintenance and repair of buildings and facilities, vehicles, travel organization, security services, fleet management, catering, in the HR area, and for municipalities and authorities, ESF organizes the commissioning, accompanies the execution and documentation, and greatly simplifies reporting and billing.